Kevin started karate in 1973 at the Aberdeen Budokwai Karate Club which was affiliated to the Scottish Shotokan Centres.

Kevin took his:

– 9th Kyu under Sansei Kato
–  5th Kyu under Kancho Kth
– 4th Kyu up to present grade under Hanshi Shiro Asano

Aberdeen Budokwai Karate Club affiliated to the S.K.I (GB) in 1978

In 1979 Kevin moved to Blackburn, England, and began training at Blackburn Star Karate Club which was run by his father and Mel Croft.

In 1980 Kevin and his father founded Blackburn Budokwai Karate Club S.K.I (GB). Kevin’s father retired from running Blackburn Budokwai Karate Club in 1990, and then Kevin’s wife Annette who had trained under Kevin and his father for over 20 years took over as Assistant Instructor and Club Secretary.

Since then Kevin has taught Karate 4 nights a week at numerous Venues including Darwen Vale High School, Greenview Community Centre, Audley Community Centre and St Wilfreds CofE school in Blackburn.

Kevin is invited to training courses in Munich, Germany every year, which is organised by a very good friend of his, who he met through the S.K.I in 1985 Sepp Kroll the instructors on the course are Sensei Ochi and Hanshi Shiro Asano. Kevin is also regularly invited to teach courses across Great Britain and is renowned for his excellent Kata.

One of Kevin’s proudest achievements was to be awarded The Wilkinson Sword of Honour in 2004 for outstanding contribution to the furtherance of Shotokan Karate.

Kevin competes in S.K.I competitions at international level and is now an established referee at national competitions.



Gavin is both an Assistant Instructor and Fitness Coach at the club.

He first began training in 1994 at the age of 4 under Sensei Kevin Clark and Hanshi Shiro Asano and has been a regular character around the club ever since.

He gained Shodan under Hanshi Shiro Asano in August 2000, Nidan in 2004, Sandan in 2007 and Yondan in 2015.

He is currently a member of the Great Britain Karate Team and has competed and won a vast number of medals at national and international level, the latest of which was at the European Championships in Budapest, Hungary where Gavin won a silver medal in the Men’s Team Kumite.

Gavin is a fully qualified personal trainer currently employed at the Total fitness gym in Wigan and he has a degree in Sports Rehabilitation from the University of Salford. Gavin uses his experience as a fitness coach and his studies to bring innovative and exciting training methods into the dojo.

He regularly travels around the country to train with a wide variety of instructors in an attempt to broaden his knowledge of Karate and martial arts.



Annette started to learn karate in 1984, under the the guidance of Sensei Kevin Clark, she passed her Shodan Grade in 1988.

Annette went on the pass her Nidan Grade (2nd Dan) in 1992, she became an instructor as well as the club secretary 1990.