20th August 2015 – National Championships and Summer School

From the 12th – 15th August, a number of our students took part in the gruelling 3 day SKI – GB Gasshuku (Summer School) and 41st SKIGB National Open Championships with competitors from SKI-Israel and SKIF Ireland at the Wildcats Arena in Nottingham. The course consisted of world class instruction from Sensei’s Paul Mead, Susumu Asano, Pasq Mura and Sensei Ohad (Israel),

A massive congratulations to the following students of the club who passsed their black belt gradings under the watchful eye of world renowned Hanshi Asano (9th Dan):

  • Gavin Clark – Yondan (4th Dan)
  • Aaron Byrne – Nidan (2nd Dan)
  • Neil Sidebottom – Nidan (2nd Dan)
  • Tomasz Owsianski – Shodan (1st Dan)

Also, congratulations to those who competed in a tightly contested national championships and gained invaluable experience. A very proud week for the club and Head Coach Kevin Clark.

11891090_10152961374156262_5560521988323638173_n 11904694_10152961374151262_8846009175515709175_n11865143_10206298370571439_802640013_o11040506_10152961374056262_8389186418192667772_n11231323_10152961373966262_3233441505744131148_n11899770_10152961373911262_869544437049147990_n


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