Wednesday 26th November – Takudai University Course (2015)

There will be a special Takudai University Course of famous SKIF & JKA instructors next year, this is the first time that anything like this has been organised. Some of the Worlds most famous Shotokan Karate Instructors graduated from Takushoku University in Japan. This course is open to all Karate-Ka who would like to train under true traditional Japanese instructors:

Instructor Line-Up:
Hanshi Shiro Asano, 9th Dan Chief Instructor SKIEF & SKI-GB
Hideo Ochi, 8th Dan Chief Instructor Deutschland JKA
Akio Nagai, 8th Dan Chief Instructor SKIF Deutschland
Tatsuya Naka, 7th Dan JKA Manager Tokyo Japan
Manabu Murakami, 7th Dan SKIF International Affairs

Date: Friday 27th – Sunday 29th March 2015
Location: Dresden, Germany (Venue TBC)
Times: Training Times & Cost TBC

Please feel free to circulate this information around your fellow friends and students, this really is a one off course that we are all very excited about.

Takushoku training 1


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