Open Karate Course with Scott Langley – Saturday 22nd November

On Saturday, Blackburn Budokwai Karate Club hosted an open Karate Course with Sensei Scott Langley (6th Dan). The course consisted of two 1 Hour 30 minute sessions which saw numerous karateka from around the country in attendance.

Scott is one of the youngest people ever to win the World Championships and has over 25 years experience in practising and teaching karate.

Scott spent 5 years studying at the Japan Karate Shotorenmei World Headquarters in Tokyo and graduated from the infamous Instructors’ Course, one of only 5 foreigners to do so in its 55 year history.

“Scott Langley is one of the few instructors to have learnt karate in Japan from the source. He teaches the true art of karate. In Europe this is very rare and should be taken advantage of!” Yutaka Koike 5th Dan – All Japan Champion

The Course was followed by a club social at the Black Bull Pub in Tockholes.

Thank you to all who attended!


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